Welcome from the IAB President

On behalf of the Board of the International Association of Bioethics (IAB) it is a great pleasure to invite you all to the 13th World Congress of Bioethics.


The World Congress will be held in Edinburgh, one of the finest cities in Europe, and a city with a long and continuing history of academic excellence. It was the birth place of the Scottish Enlightenment which produced philosophical giants like Francis Hutcheson and David Hume, and – also of relevance to an organisation with strong interest in global issues – the economist Adam Smith. The Scottish Enlightenment was characterised by a fruitful flow of ideas between different subject areas, and we hope that we can replicate this at the Congress. Bioethicists come with many different disciplinary backgrounds, and with many different theoretical commitments, but what makes our field so interesting (and fun) is the vigorous exchange of ideas about issues that really matter.


The International Association of Bioethics was established in 1992 and has members from across the globe and from many disciplines. The IAB is firmly committed to the open and free discussion of any and all bioethical issues and to the development of bioethics as an inclusive global discourse.


The draft programme for the 13th World Congress is already looking very exciting, and I hope to welcome you all in Edinburgh in 2016 for some days of intense intellectual engagement, meeting old and new friends, and perhaps a glass of one of the Scottish national drinks.


Professor Søren Holm,

President of the International Association of Bioethics

presidentProfessor Søren Holm President of the International Association of Bioethics

Welcome from the Chair, IAB2016 Organising Committee

From the first World Congress of Bioethics in 1992 in the Netherlands to Mexico City for the 12th Congress in 2014, the field of bioethics has evolved considerably and developed significant learning on issues that touch us all – peace, health, environment and technology. In 2016, we continue our bioethical journey here to Edinburgh where we invite you to join us for an opportunity to contribute to the New Enlightenment.


For centuries, Edinburgh has fostered excellence in medicine, science and the arts, and today it continues to be home to global leaders in research and development in biomedicine, biotechnologies and the life sciences. It is against this background of the unique fusion of tradition and novelty that we offer you an exciting and stimulating programme for the 13th World Congress that asks: what can bioethics contribute to individuals, public interests and public goods?


We believe that bioethics is indispensible in generating productive dialogue and building bridges between the thought-leaders, practitioners and decision-makers working to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time, whether it be genetic research, global pandemics, scarce health resources or climate changes. Our chosen theme for this World Congress of the International Association of Bioethics reflects this. On behalf of the IAB 2016 Organising Committee, I warmly invite you to join us in Edinburgh to add your own voice to this dialogue and contribute to the next stages of our bioethical journey.


Professor Graeme Laurie

Chair, IAB2016 Organising Committee




Professor Graeme Laurie Chair, IAB2016 Organising Committee

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